A Unique, Luxury Dog Bed - with your dog on the pattern!

We all love that little bit of luxury in our lives, so why not treat your dog too? ESWerrett Art bespoke luxury dog beds feature your dog on the pattern!

A unique, personalised dog bed offering the best in comfort, style and performance. Our luxurious beds are handmade to the highest standard and come in a fantastic range of colours to suit every household.

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Once you have sent your favourite pet photographs to me, I will hand draw your pet’s portrait in pen and watercolour. You will receive regular updates and be fully involved in the creative process to make sure the final portrait and bed are perfect.

It is a good idea to pick two typical poses of your dog, or if you have more than one dog why not feature them all on the same bed!


The design possibilities are endless! If you’d like contrasting fabrics on the top and bottom, a specific colour to compliment your house’s interior, it’s all possible. The bespoke fabric patterned with your pet is a comfortable and soft but hard wearing canvas, stylish but practical.



All ESWerrett Art luxury bespoke dog beds are handmade in Wales, UK, quality checked and designed to last. The cover of the bed is removable and machine washable too so no lingering smells!

Your design will also be saved for your future purchases, so if you’d like to purchase an additional cover or new products released down the line, just let me know.

If you are looking for a bespoke, unique dog bed offering comfort and style, this is the bed for you!

For a limited time, ESWerrett Art bespoke luxury pet beds are available at the following introductory prices:

Small Dog - £80

  • Up to two original 5x7 inch mounted pen and watercolour portraits of your pet - worth £45 each!

  • A bespoke luxury dog bed, 59cm x 46cm - featuring your dog!

  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Medium Dog - £110

  • Up to two original 5x7 inch mounted pen and watercolour portraits of your pet - worth £45 each!

  • A bespoke, luxury dog bed, 72cm x 98cm - featuring your dog!

  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Bespoke size - please specify dimensions below

If you would like to buy a bespoke luxury dog bed for your dog, please get in touch using the form below, a 50% deposit is all that is required. Other sizes are available, just let me know your requirements. All enquiries are no obligation.

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